About Us

A Technology-Driven Resource for Teaching Quran Online to Kids and Adults

Finding the best partner for learning Quran online is a hard task. Sometimes, they charge massive costs. On the other hand, some do not provide quality Quran classes. 

“Live Quran Teacher” endeavors you the best support for online Quran Learning. Our team is highly qualified having graduate degrees alongside Hafiz-Quran and Aalim-e-Islam.  

Our dedicated Quran tutors are up to teach even if you live in any corner of the world, such as the USA, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Canada,  France, Italy, Iceland, the UK, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, the UAE, etc. 

Our Vision

As Muslims, learning Quran with proper guidance is crucial. Understanding the gift of Allah for making your eternal lives great is only possible by comprehending Quran. We develop a “Live Quran Teacher” with the vision to impart Quran resources, articles, courses, and apps to all Muslims. So we revive the importance of the Quran among kids and adults for making your daily lives full of enlightenment.

Our Mission

Combining the Quran’s teachings with innovative technological practices is our hallmark. By designing comprehensive Quran guides, resources, and services, our mission is to develop the engagement of human beings with one another by following the teachings of Quran Kareem. So start to strive efforts to learn the Quran for appearing miracles with the assistance of a “Live Quran Teacher.”

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