Online Islamic Studies for Kids

As a Muslim, it’s the prime duty of parents to teach their children the teachings of Islam. To lighten up their worldly and eternal life, your kids must have an idea of how to act as Muslims. By living in a non-muslim country, we understand your hurdles in the way of Islamic teachings. As a result, “Live Quran Teachers” come into existence for helping you in this regard. We have a team of competen t Islamic Scholars to build a strong Islamic foundation for your kids online. Our one-on-one Islamic tutoring sessions are the perfect spot whether you want to learn from female or male teachers. 

Audio/Visual Islamic Lessons Support

Audio/Visual Islamic Lessons Support

In this technological world, we don’t underestimate the power of using audio/visual aid to prepare your Islamic Studies Lessons. These snippets escalate the interest of your kids and keep them engaged with their lessons. Whenever a student is nearer to losing their attention to the lesson, our Islamic Studies instructors tend to utilize visual material for retaining their attention. So quickly connect with us for booking Islamic Studies online classes for your kids and leave worries about their learning on us. We’ll send you the daily progress report of your child with you.  

Excellent Pedagogical Methodologies for Kids in Learning Islamic Studies Online

Our innovative Islamic studies scholars know how your kids can learn Islamic lessons efficiently and promptly. They understand outdated methods of teaching Islamic studies do not work for the latest generation. Therefore, they use the latest strategies for developing Islamic knowledge for your kids. For instance, instructors present examples and references for students’ better comprehension. Healthy discussions with interactive stories and answer/question sessions arrange for your kids’ Islamic Studies lessons. Get a quote from us for an Islamic Studies learning for your kids.  

The Motivation of Kids for Exceptional Learning is our Hallmark

After enrollment of your kids into our Islamic Studies online classes, we take their Islamic knowledge development responsibility. With the motivation convention delivered by our expert teachers, your kids will become fond of our teaching style and quickly learn Islamic key pointers. With fun oriented, positive, and inspirational environment, teachers enlighten kids learning by creating a stress-free impact on their minds. 

At “Live Quran Teachers,” we organize teacher training workshops frequently to assist them in utilizing updated motivational practices for encouraging your children to learn Islamic studies. 

Online Islamic Studies Certification

Online Islamic Studies Certification

Appreciation of kids for presenting the best performance is an indispensable drill to stay consistent. “Live Quran Teachers” interprets this scenario and organize award ceremony for brilliant students every month. 

For example, all Islamic studies kids get certificates of participation approved by our supervisors. Further, all the students of online Islamic studies classes who topped receive cash prizes. 

Additionally, quiz competitions, debates, and presentations are held. For winners, rewards endeavor.  

Flexible and Reasonable Islamic Studies Classes

Timing and flexibility are the two major factors every parent ponders. “Live Quran Teacher” is your ultimate solution. Whether you want an Islamic studies teacher for your kids or youngsters, we are available to provide our exceptional services. 

First, we have flexible timings. We don’t bother kids according to our timeframe. You’ll tell whenever you have free time and we’ll arrange Islamic studies classes at that time. 

Second, our prices are not much high. We offer special discount offers to those families who want to enroll more kids in our Islamic Studies online courses. 

No Age Limit for Islamic Studies

Is your child 3.5years old or 10 years? We don’t put an age limit on your Islamic Studies lessons. Everyone is free to join Islamic Studies classes. 

Plus, our professionals have keen knowledge in designing courses according to your mindset. For instance, the curriculum of kids has not have complicated concepts perfect for Kindergarten and toddlers. For young people, a little more advanced level course develops.  

Our Suggested Structure for your Islamic Studies Classes

We have a specific structure for your Islamic Studies classes. Check out what we offer.


Online Private Teacher


Female/Males (Whatever you prefer)

Learning Style





3.5 years+

Class Duration

30-45 Minutes

Course Timing


Course Level



Depend upon Course Level

After selecting each point carefully, book your schedule for Islamic Studies Classes. 

24/7 Online Islamic Studies Support

Whether you live in South Asia or North America, Live Quran Teachers are up for this role. We have a team of qualified teachers that are available for you around the clock. 

Due to your different time zone, we have teachers that are feasible for different timings of classes for Islamic Studies. 

For joining online classes, you just need to tell your suitable schedule. After matching with our Islamic studies tutor, we’ll let you know and enter into our classes. 

Our Ideology

“Live Quran Teacher” has a goal to educate your kids with Islamic knowledge. Our Islamic studies teachers have deep insightful information for guiding your kids with accelerating teachings of Islam. So why are you waiting? Book a slot for your kids learning Islamic Studies lessons now.  

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