Learning Quran For Beginners

Learn Quran Online: We don’t put Age Restriction

Learning Quran is a great practice for every Muslim. Whether your kid is 3 years old or you are crossing the age of 40+, both of you can learn Quran. We do not put any age restrictions on our students. However, if you feel hesitation due to the age factor, you have to eliminate it. Do you know most companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) begin to learn Quran after the age of 50s? Further, we have a proper plan for learning Quran for beginners. 


  • At the initial stage, our professional will assist you to read Noorani Qaida online. 
  • Secondly, after completing Noorani Qaida, you will learn Tajweed. 
  • Next, we’ll help you learn easy Surahs of the Quran. 
  • Then, you will learn the difficult Surah for better comprehension of reading. 
  • In the end, our experts will help you in revising the complete Quran.
  • First of all, before starting the Quran one should Learn Noorani Qaida Online.
  • Then the beginner will start learn tajweed online. 
  • To teach Quran for beginners we will start from easy surahs or chapters.
  • Then we will move on to famous surahs in order to develop a sense of reading Quran lessons for beginners.
  • After that the lesson will not remain as a Quran lesson for beginners, it will upgrade Insha Allah.

Importance of Learning the Quran for Beginners

Importance of Learning the Quran for Beginners

No doubt, learning Quran is necessary for every Muslim to live their life according to Islam. At an early age, knowledge quickly instills into the heart and minds of kids. Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of parents to arrange comprehensive learning Quran classes online for their kids. 

Live Quran Teachers is the ultimate solution whether you need your kids to memorize Quran or recite it on daily basis. When your children start to speak in their native language and have the efficiency to use technology, we can enroll your kids in learning Quran Online. So contact us to book your online learning Quran slot. 

What is Our Objective for teaching Quran online?

We have a particular objective when we offer Quran learning for beginners. Our experts curate the best outline in a systematic way for presenting your Quran lessons competently. To leave any grammatical errors in your Quran fluency, we endeavor to you the correct Quran learning with Tajweed. Check out what you will learn from reading Quran without any mistakes from us. 

Online Quran Learning for Beginners from Qualified Quran Tutors

Most times, parents fail to find a competent tutor who can teach their children Quran very efficiently. For eradicating this problem, we have built a team of Hafiz-e-Quran, Aalims, Qari, etc. 

Additionally, if you have a baby girl for those you want to hire a female teacher, Live Quran Teachers is always here to help you. You can check the profiles of our qualified female staff for teaching you Quran. After your satisfaction, you can hire her and your classes will start on your recommended schedule. 

Another benefit of choosing Qural classes as a beginner from qualified tutors is that you do not require to cross miles for reaching Madrassa. At the ease of your home, learn Quran by hiring our accelerated Quran teachers. 

Register yourself for Quran Class as a Beginner Now

“Live Quran Teachers” understand your need of learning the Quran as a Muslim. As a result, we have developed a team of competent Islamic scholars to deliver you online Quran classes with engaging content. Their teaching methodologies will help you learn Quran very easily. So without being further late, register yourself in the “Quran course for Beginners”  and begin your Quran learning journey with us now.   

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